Beethoven is St. Bernard

In Beethoven's 2nd he fells in love to a female St.Bernard named Missy owned by Brillo the ex-husband of the wicked Regina. Beethoven and George attends a Burger eating contest and they win when they are couraged by two friendly teenagers among the crowd. At the outskirts of the country fair Beethoven defends Missy and the puppies from Regina and Floyd then the Newtons arrived Ted and Emily having respond to George, Alice and Ryce what happened. George demands Floyd to put the puppy down. But Floyd threatens to drop the puppy into the river below. George tells the situation not to be ugly and demands to put the puppy down. As Beethoven watches Floyd puts the puppy down and pokes George in the chest with a stick and Regina laughs at him. Enraged he charges into the stick and rams it on Floyd's crotch and he loses his balance. Regina grabs his hand trying to hold him from falling off and they fall into the pool of mud which breaks and washed away into the river. Five months later Brillo with Missy visits the Newtons who overheard what happened at the mountains and the country fair and what Floyd did to George and called the United States of America's national dog revealing that the judge in the divorce had granted him full custody of her and awarded nothing to Regina after throwing her claim out. Regina and Floyd was sentence in Prison for assaulting and calling the United States of America's national dog a stupid and assaulting a business associate member and dog abusing. The puppies now fully grown come down to see Missy.