Brillo is the ex-husband of Regina and the owner of Missy.

Beethoven's 2ndEdit

He is first seen buying ice cream and meets Beethoven and gives them ice cream. He was waiting for Regina who then arrives with her new boyfriend named Floyd. He gives Missy to her and she tells him to call her lawyer if he want his dog back which he agrees. Later while Regina and Floyd at the mountains Regina calls him again as soon she will give her the bank check. Some time later Brillo receives a call from the police something had happened at the country fair in the mountains  they just arrest Regina and Floyd they are attempting to dognap Beethoven owned by the Newtons, stealing also their puppies and called him a stupid dog shocked. They find them in the river after are being thrown by an enraged Beethoven when Floyd poked George with a stick. Five months later he visited the Newtons and explain to them that the judge in the divorce granted full custody of her awarding nothing to Regina after throwing her claim out and she is arrested along with Floyd for their crimes they commited. He was very pleased to see the puppies are already grown up and also meet Seth Ryce's new boyfriend she met at the lakefront earlier.