Für Elise is one of the most famous piano piece. Beethoven wrote it for a women whose name is Elise. It is written at 27, April 1810.

Structure Edit

Its scale is C major. It's rondino, which structure is A - B - A - C - A. Part A, the commonest part, has dark mood. It has the main melody of the piece. After repeating A, bright part B comes out. Its scale is similar to F major. Then part A comes out again. Then part C, the claimax of the piece, comes out. It is special for 8-bit stacato with damper pedal. After the claimax, falling chromatic scale, part A is repeated again and the piece ends.

Elise Edit

Nothing is known about the women, Elise. Somebody thinks that ‘Elise’ was originally ‘Therese’. Therese Malfatti. She may have been his wife but even that is unclear.