Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, Op. 37 is a work in three movements for piano solo and orchestra. It was written in 1800. The concerto's premiere was in 1803.

1st Movement - Allegro con brioEdit

This movement is in Sonata Form. The orchestra presents the theme, and the piano enters later, with scale passages. After the developement and recapitulation, comes the cadenza and coda, before a forceful ending on a C.

2nd Movement - LargoEdit

This is a very lyrical movement, in contrast the 1st. It is in the key of E major.

3rd Movement - AllegroEdit

The 3rd movement is in Rondo Form, and returns to the home key of C minor, beginning with fiery theme, only heard in the piano. It is then repeated in the orchestra. It ends on the parallel major, C major.


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